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•45 years of teaching privately
•39 years as a full-time college professor at a renowned conservatory, teaching lessons, courses in jazz theory, improvisation, jazz history, theory, and conducting ensembles
•Additional teaching of children and adults - students of all ages

Private Lessons

•Jazz Piano

•Jazz Improvisation (all instruments)

•Jazz Arranging

In Person and Online

My teaching philosophy is grounded in mastering the fundamentals, utilizing jazz theory concepts, developing the ear, and helping students find their unique voice, rooted  firmly in the jazz tradition. 


•Jazz History

I have found that the most effective way to teach the subject is through intense listening within an historical context, and with a focus on the transitions as the music evolved. 

•Jazz Theory

The study of music theory provides the tools to better perform, compose, and listen to music. Making music is much more enjoyable when there is an understanding of 'why' music sounds the way it does. 


Available for clinics at universities, high schools, and middle schools

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